Good News For Avocado Lovers: New Studies Show Avocados Keep You Healthy

Ahhh, the humble avocado, this fruit has been becoming crazy popular over the last few years. You may already know avocados are a healthy food. But new studies have shown they may have even more health benefits than previously thought.

A new study has shown that chowing down on an avocado may help to prevent metabolic syndrome as well as helping to optimize your cholesterol levels.

Metabolic syndrome is the name used for a group of risk factors which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. And avocados can play a big part in preventing this syndrome. Another interesting finding of the study was that as a whole people who consume more avocados generally weigh less even if their overall calorific consumption is larger.

It should also be noted that avocados fill you up as they are full of good fats. This means you’re less likely to binge on something else later. They also help to keep belly fat away.

As well as containing high amounts of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, avocados also contain vitamin B, potassium, and Vitamin K.

Researchers also found avocados are beneficial in other formats such as consuming the leaves, peels, and using avocado oil.

Good ways to add avocado to your diet

The best part about the avocado is it is so versatile. You don’t need to just sit down and eat an avocado whole you can incorporate into a variety of different meals. One simple and tasty way to have a daily does of avocado is by making guacamole to use as a dip.

Avocado also tastes great on bread or toast. Add a bit of pepper and it creates a tasty and filling breakfast. To make it more exciting add a fancy bread. Or even add a little bit of hot chili sauce ( I promise you this tastes amazing).

Otherwise you can always toss a bit of avo in with a salad. Add in some other greens and pumpkin seeds. Another cute dinner or snack idea is to use the avocado as the bowl. Then fill it with other veggies, rice, or quinoa.

These little wonder fruits also go perfectly with eggs Benedict. If you want a more simple snack, slice one up and serve with a bit of pepper on top.


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