Hygge Hair Is The Comfy Trend That Is Going To Be Huge This Winter

If you’re still clinging on to the memories of Summer, here’s some news that’ll get you excited for the colder seasons that are on the way. Get ready for hygge hair; the winter trend that is set to take over in 2017.

Hygge pronounced (hue-guh) is a Danish word used when to acknowledge an emotion or moment as being cosy, comfy, or charming. According to Hygge House  the word was created to make the long dark winters more bearable. Now you can incorporate the spirit of hygge straight onto your head!

This winter it is all going to be about soft and natural colours for your hair. Soft coppers, buttery browns, warm blondes, and creamy oranges are set to dominate this year.

Hygge hair is all about warm, monochrome colours, the perfect way to give your hair a rest from pastel tones. Styling these colours with no fuss natural waves will also be a big trend. Which is a great excuse for not having to spend hours styling your hair.

For blonde hair, icy tones will be ditched in favour of soft, buttery and honey shades. While brunettes can go for rustic earthy tones or chestnut browns. Coppery reds will also be seen a lot as well as bronze and tarnished reds.

So get ready to get comfy for Winter and give a more natural no fuss look a try. Then all you need is an oversize sweater, and a hot cup of tea to melt away the winter months. Now that sounds like hygge bliss!


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