Introducing Seed: Our Newest Super Food Obsession

There’s a brand new product out on the health scene that was made right here in New Zealand. Seed is the only freeze dried super green powder available to buy in New Zealand.

Super green powder is a great way to make sure you’re getting your 5+ a day. It’s equivalent to three servings in just 10 grams to help make it a way more achievable goal.

What makes freeze drying different?

Usually products are heat dried as it’s cheaper. However, freeze drying removes moisture so the original whole foods become a concentrated version of themselves. Freeze drying locks in almost all of the natural nutrients from the raw ingredients. Whereas heat removes the water content and results in most of the nutrients being lost.

By using freeze drying seed is able to produce the most naturally dense super green powder in New Zealand.

How it began:

The idea for Seed was born when founder Ilse Wolfe became pregnant for the first time and her fiance was training for kite-surfing season, and they both wanted to get as healthy as possible. They decided a super green powder was the answer. They soon discovered however, that practically no freeze dried products existed. So Ilse began working with trusted nutritionists and suppliers to bring this option to everyone in New Zealand.

Ilse says “I was tired of picking up products to see the back label with 100+ ingredients. So we instead found the most powerful super foods you’d recognise in most fridges. Plus we’ve worked hard to find the “x factor” ingredients that are unique to Seed and immensely beneficial. We use 100 per cent natural super food ingredients, with no sugary fruit powders or cheap fillers.”

Some of these “x factor” ingredients include- turmeric, dandelion, cacao, matcha green tea and Siberian Ginseng. It also includes your more classic super foods like kale, broccoli and beetroot.

The ingredients have been specially picked to support Kiwis in three focus areas that promote health; immunity and antioxidant, natural energy, and skin, hair and nails.

The packaging of the products is also eco-friendly. With bio-degradable, re-usable and recyclable materials.

You can mix this product with water, juice, protein shakes, smoothies or sprinkle it over foods or meals to give it an extra boost.

You can buy Seed from any Huckleberry stores or from their online store for $35.