Investigating The Hidden World Of Fashion With VICELAND

Whether you’re aware of it or not, every single day we all participate in the fashion world. We make decisions about what we want to wear based on the way we want to present ourselves, what the weather might be like and for what we’re doing throughout the day. Fashion is a pretty big part of all of our lives and VICELAND’S show States Of Undress shows us a side of fashion you may not have ever thought about before…

States Of Undress follows 26-year-old host Hailey Gates, a former model for Miu Miu and an actress on the newest season of Twin Peaks, as she travels the world exploring fashion changes around the globe and the meanings behind it. The result is that we get to see an amazing world of culture behind every country that can be viewed through their clothes.

While Gates does attend Fashion shows and talk with highly-esteemed designers she spends most of the episodes talking with everyday people and this is what makes the show so fascinating.

Gates travels to countries which are often not shown by the fashion world – in the first episode for example, Gates travels to Pakistan to attend Karachi Fashion Week. Here she discusses some of the political issues that affect the fashion world in the Middle East as well as the role of religion on the runway.

This episode sets a good precedent for the rest of the show – with each episode exploring different issues each culture faces and asking challenging questions that aren’t normally associated with the fashion industry.

It’s interesting to see the links between culture and fashion. Each episode explores a new country with new faces and new ideas about fashion. States Of Undress is definitely worth a watch if you want to look outside of your own view of what fashion really is and it’s an interesting reminder of the true power fashion has and the different meanings it has in other cultures.


Season two of States Of Undress will be available to watch on VICELAND channel 13 and On Demand on SKY as part of their International Women’s Week celebration. (5 – 12 March).


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