A Kimbra Song Has Been Used To Deliver A Powerful Message About Domestic Violence

Kimbra’s newest album Primal Heart is on the way and so far she’s been releasing some absolute bangers as singles. Her most recent single however, has been being used to help bring awareness to a very important cause.

The single ‘Everybody Knows’ has been remixed by Apothek, and the music video shows a text book case of domestic violence in a very moving way. Often with domestic violence the signs are not picked up or noticed until it’s too late. So it’s good to see a song being used to raise awareness and highlight this issue. Especially as it’s so prevalent in our society.

Kimbra said she had been a big fan of Apothek for a long time and she asked them if they could pick a song of hers to rework. They chose Everybody Knows and then sent it back to Kimbra this is what she had to say about the remix.

“I was totally blown away by the way they took the song to a whole new place emotionally. It evoked new depth in the lyrics and had this hypnotizing patience to it with a quiet kind of violence and also a soft, strange intimacy. I felt like I was hearing the song & its meaning (even to myself) in a whole new way.”

Without revealing too much; take a look at the video for yourself:

To learn more about stopping domestic violence and signs to look out for check out the White Ribbon website.