More Kiwi Couples Are Using Lie Detectors To Catch Out Their Cheating Partners

When I hear anyone talk about lie detectors I immediately think of Jeremy Kyle. But as it turns out, lie detectors aren’t just being used on the set of daytime television shows. In fact many Kiwi couples are turning to the test to catch out their cheating partners.

New Zealand couples are paying a whooping $575 to use lie detectors in the hopes of catching out an unfaithful spouse. A Christchurch Private Investigator, Barry Newman, has been offering polygraph tests since 2013. According to Stuff his most common client base is couples who have lost trust.

The reliability of such tests is still disputed and they have been proven to be unreliable in many instances.

How does it work?

Most lie detectors work by taking readings from the upper chest, lower chest, heart rate, blood pressure and sweat gland activity on the fingers. The idea is that when someone is lying things such as their blood pressure and heart rate will increase although this can also happen due to general nerves.

For a lie detector to work, a trained expert needs to do the maths and chart the results. All of the questions that are asked need to be a yes or no answer.

At the end of the test the score is tallied up to show whether the answers were honest or deceptive. If you score negative 13 or lower you lied, if you scored 7 or higher you told the truth.