This Lush Lotion Is Being Hailed As The ‘Miracle Cure’ For Insomnia

Who doesn’t wish they could get a better nights sleep? While it seems like there may be no quick way to send yourself into dreamland, Lush’s “Sleepy” lotion is being hailed as the cure for insomnia.

This body lotion was insanely popular when Lush released it during July and now it’s back for a limited time on their website! This product went viral on social media with many bloggers dubbing at as a “miracle” and “life-changing”.

So what makes Sleepy so amazing?

It may be hard to figure out how a body and hand lotion could have such an amazing impact but Lush seem to have the winning formula. The cream is made from a gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender, and sweet tonka absolute. It has a glorious floral smell and uses fair trade organic coca butter. All of these ingredients help to aid you in a good nights sleep. As well as feeling more calm and relaxed.

Lavender oil is well known for its helping to calm and relax and is often used for symptoms of anxiety. In fact the National Sleep Foundation agrees lavender has sleep benefits. The tonka absolute gives Sleepy its wonderful smell and the coca butter ensures your skin is conditioned and softened.

Plus it’s super easy to use. All you need to do is lather your body in this miracle lotion, slide into a pair of your comfiest pjs and tuck into bed. Soon enough you’ll be having a great nights sleep as well as having silky smooth skin. The best part of it is it’s only $18.50.

The sleepy lotion is only available online, and if you really want to make a night of it check out Lush’s Twilight bath bomb as well.

Hey, maybe if you’re really lucky you’ll even dream about being bff’s with big name celebrities.

Ahhh bliss in a pot.




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