These May Just Be The Prettiest Makeup Brushes You Can Buy Right Now

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of adorable themed makeup brushes. My personal favourite ones are the unicorn brushes. There’s just something special about using adorably packaged makeup.

Now there’s a new company on the block creating amazing storybook themed beauty products.

Storybook cosmetics are a company which specialize in makeup products that are super whimsical. The company made a surprise debut in October 2016. While this business is still so new it’s already having massive success.

From Hogwarts themed eye shadow palettes, to eyeliner that looks like a quill in ink, there are some truly adorable products. Now they’re selling quite possibly the most gorgeous makeup brushes ever…

Rose makeup brushes

These gorgeous makeup brushes give off some serious Beauty and the Beast themed vibes. The brush is ruby red to mimic rose petals with a metallic green stem. The stem of the brush also has some beautiful detailing of leaves.

These bad boys have been selling fast. They’re available to pre-order from Storybook Cosmetic’s website.

Storybook cosmetics first ‘rose’ to fame when they created Harry Potter themed brushes. These brushes are shaped like wands. Since then the brand has found success in creating all things pretty and magical.

Storybook cosmetics are also currently working on a full range of Game of Thrones inspired products. So watch this space!

Erin, Mandy and Missy Maynard, who are triplets from Nebraska created the brand together. The sisters state that the idea for their products was born from a love of storybooks growing up.

They all previously worked on individual art projects before combining their ideas.

These siblings will spice up the makeup game by adding a little bit of fun to makeup routines around the world.

You should get set to see more storybook themed makeup products from these ladies throughout the year.

A great little bonus is that all their products are cruelty free!

You can get a better look at all of their products on their official website.