This May Just Be The Tastiest Post-Workout Protein Ever

If you’re a gym junkie; brace yourself. This may just be the game changer you’ve been waiting for. You can now buy Mars and Snickers flavoured protein bars and powder.

Yes, this is real life.

So now you really can have your chocolate, and eat it too. In the form of bars or a post-workout shake.

With 20 grams worth of protein in every bar these are the perfect post-workout treat, and they still taste like the original thing.

These products promise to keep the taste of the regular Mars, Snickers, and Bounty bar but are specifically designed to be a gym snack.

While these tasty snacks are obviously not an every day thing, they are a good treat and do contain 9.5 grams of sugar compared to the 27 grams found in their original counterparts.

Each of the bars contains 200 calories, so in terms of both calories and protein these snacks have the same amount of both as eating 100 grams of salmon.

While these bad boys haven’t made it to New Zealand stores just yet, you can buy them from Amazon or E bay.

So whether you’re counting your macros or cutting down on calories these bars are an easy way to fit something chocolaty into your diet.

Mars protein is perfect for a guilt-free, macro fitting treat.


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