Maybelline Have Just Made It Even Easier To Find The Perfect Foundation Shade

Something nearly all of us have experienced is buying  a foundation and then leaving the house only to find it’s completely the wrong shade. Often makeup brands don’t cater to women of colour or women with very pale skin which makes shopping for foundation a long process.

However, Maybelline have just made the process a hell of a lot easier, by adding 16 more shades to their Fit Me foundation range.

The expansion of the Maybelline range includes shades from porcelain to java

The brand has also began releasing new shades of the Fit me powder and blush.

Normally foundation ranges only come in a few different shades. They usually don’t cater to different undertones, so these new shades are a welcome addition.

Over the past few years foundation shades and nude lipsticks have been a topic of discussion in the beauty industry. Questions about their inclusiveness have been raised as often women of colour are left out.

For this reason it’s great to see makeup brands including new shades to meet customers needs. It’s about time we take into account that there are so many different skin tones.

Some other makeup brands have also begun expanding their foundation ranges including – Sephora’s Matte perfection powder foundation range, NYX’s Total control drop foundation and Dior skin Perfect makeup foundation.