20 Most Dangerous Countries To Avoid When Traveling

If you’re a lover of travel and adventure you’ve probably thought about visiting as many countries as humanly possible. Unfortunately though, there are some places that aren’t so safe for tourists to visit. So if you’re in the midst of planning a big OE take a little look at this list first. These are the 20 most dangerous countries for tourists to visit.

The World Economic Forum recently released a report which analyses the state of travel and tourism sectors around the globe. In this report they also ranked which countries were the most dangerous in regards to exposing tourists to violence and terrorism threats.

20. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Many armed groups and bandits are active in this country. The report states tourists are likely to come across troops, armoured vehicles and attack helicopters while holidaying.

19. Thailand

While there’s no doubt Thailand is gorgeous and is a super popular tourist destination, the report warns to stay away from Southern Thailand. More than 65000 deaths have occured in these areas due to violence.

18. Jamaica

This is another place that unfortunately has a lot of violent crime and shootings. Especially in Kingston and Montego Bay.

17. South Africa

South Africa also has very high crime rates. Especially in the more remote areas and townships.

16. Guatemala

The border between Guatemala and Mexico is very dangerous for tourists as there’s a lot of drug smuggling going on. Some of the most common crimes here include – car jacking, armed robbery and theft.

15. Chad

Isis, Al Qa’ida and Boko Haram are all active in Chad. Attacks have been targeted against civilians and foreigner on multiple occasions. Border crossings in Chad are also dangerous due to land mines.

14. Bangladesh

In Bangladesh  one of the main issues is the extreme weather. The country is vulnerable to a range of natural disasters. They often experience tropical cyclones. flooding and sometimes earthquakes.

13. Mali

The risk of a terrorist attack is high in Mali. Hotels and restaurants have often been targeted in such attacks. Back in 2015 a group of people were taken hostage and killed at a hotel in Mali’s capital Bamako.

12. Lebanon

Terrorist attacks and bombings are also a threat in Lebanon.

11. Philippines

Kidnappings are an issue in the Philippines. Tourists and foreigners are often targets for such kidnappings.

10. Ukraine

Fights between armed forces in Ukraine and Russia are common as Ukraine fights to stay independent. Sometimes civilians can get caught up in the fighting.

9. Honduras

Hounduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world. There’s a lot of crime and drug trafficking that takes place and a lack of police and military presence.

8. Kenya

The threat of terrorism is also an issue in Kenya. Grenades, shootings and stabbings are common forms of attacks.

7. Egypt

Terrorist groups pose a threat to a lot of public venues in Egypt. They have also targeted various modes of transportation over the years.

6. Venezuela

A shortage of essentials such as – water, food, medicine and electricity has led to a lot of social unrest and crime. They have one of the highest rates of crime in the world.

5. Nigeria

Terrorist groups are responsible for most of the violence that happens in Nigeria. They often target highly populated areas and cities where tourists often are.

4. Pakistan

There’s a lot of religious conflict in Pakistan and violence between different groups is common. Pakistan’s government also limits freedom of speech and forbids foreigners from going to numerous places in the country.

3. El Salvador

El Salvador has a lot of gangs. This gang violence includes a variety of things from extortion to weapons to drug trafficking.

2. Yemen

The second most dangerous country is Yemen. Rebel groups in Yemen often target and detain tourists, especially ones who are US citizens. Because of land mines and air strikes a large number of Yemen’s population lack necessities like – food, water and medical care.

1. Colombia

The most dangerous country to visit is Colombia. Visiting Colombia is still a risk for tourists. Gangs are a big problem with kidnappings, drug trafficking and robberies being frequent throughout the country. Acts of terrorism are also an issue in the cities.