A New Study Shows Almost Half Of Us Use Pets As “Starter Children”

Turns out a lot of us are taking the term “fur baby” a little too literally. On the plus side though, a new study has shown that treating our pets as babies is totally normal. Phew.

A study conducted by the business solutions agency Gale found that 44 per cent of adults between the ages of 20 and 36 were taking care of animals as a way of “practicing” for one day having kids.

While this may seem a little crazy there may actually be some truth behind it. I know personally of many couples who move in together and then buy a cat or dog. It’s a good way to try your hand at caring for another living thing and learning to clean up after it and remember to feed it.

However pets aren’t always just used as “starter children”. In many cases they’re a great companion for couples that don’t want children. Let’s be honest here, a tiny puppy is a bit cuter than a screaming baby. In this way pets bring us comfort and companionship and allow us to love and nurture something even if we don’t want to transfer those skills over to child raising one day.

So next time you find yourself wondering if it’s normal to hold birthday parties for your cats, tuck your dog into bed at night, or create an Instagram account for your bird the answer is yes. Now go and give your pets some loving!