New Taylor Swift Music Is On The Way And We Can’t Wait To Hear It

After a confusing week on Instagram that left fans wondering what was going on Taylor Swift is back, and the wait for new Taylor Swift music is finally over.

Yesterday Taylor Swift announced the release of her sixth studio album “reputation”. The album will be released on November the 10th and her first single has been released today!

We’re chomping at the bit to hear some new music from country princess turned pop queen Taylor. Her last album “1989” was released three years ago so fans have had a long wait. The build-up to this new album began last week when on the third anniversary of announcing 1989 all her social media posts were deleted.

With empty social media accounts fans began to worry- until a cryptic message was revealed an image of a snake.

We’re pretty excited to see what direction this album will go in. Taylor’s last album 1989 was when she fully transitioned into pop and away from country. The album was filled with happy catchy tunes like “Shake it off”. It seems like Reputation may be taking a darker turn with black and white imagery.

Variety also reported that it’s rumored we might get a new music video from T-Swift this Sunday at the MTV Music Video Awards.