New Zealand’s Best Hidden Gems You Need To Check Out

Sometimes New Zealand feels really small. Often it feels like there aren’t any hidden or secret places left to explore. So if you’re in a bit of an adventure rut lately, hold onto your hat, because we’ve compiled a list of some hidden gems New Zealand’s North Island  has to offer.

Pah Homestead

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Pah homestead

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This gorgeous old building is nestled into the suburbs of Hillsborough. This historic building was once used as a set for the Narnia movies and is now home to an art gallery and cafe. It’s a great place for lunch and a look around the rooms plus it’s beautiful.

North Head Tunnels, Devonport

The tunnels on North head may not exactly be a secret but when you’re walking around in them it certainly feels that way. These old World War two tunnels are super interesting to explore and have a bit of a creepy vibe to them. You also get a great view on the hill which is perfect for picnics or cardboard sledding down the grassy side.

Old cement works, Warkworth

This is great for anyone who enjoys photographing old or abandoned structures and in summer it has a great place to swim. It’s an old quarry, which has also become a beloved swimming hole.

Tanuki’s Cave, Auckland Central

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It really is like a cave as you descend the steps into a dimly lit sake bar. This place feels different from any other bar in Auckland and they have many interesting Japanese dishes to choose from.


Te Puia Springs, Kawhia

We’ve all heard of Hot Water Beach, but if you want to escape all the tourists Te Puia Springs are perfect. A great weekend getaway if you’re in the Waikato.


Omanawa Falls, Tauranga

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Tauranga is a beautiful destination, and one that is centrally located in the North Island. These falls became an instagrammer’s dream, so it is no surprise this location gets packed on sunny days. It is an easy walk with views to marvel in (and photograph).

Red Rocks Wellington

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If you’re a fan of super cute animals (who isn’t), Red Rocks in Welly is the perfect place to see some adorable seals. Plus it’s a beautiful spot to explore. It’s a bit of a walk, but a great day time activity.

Hamilton gardens

While these aren’t secret as such, these gardens are seriously underrated. The gardens all have themes from Japanese to Egyptian style gardens. Best of all this little gem is free. Bring a picnic and make a day out of it.

Forgotten World Highway 43 Stratford

If you’re wanting a road trip in the North Island you should definitely check this out. It takes you deep into rural New Zealand. The views on this road are absolutely epic.