Smartphone Apps That Are Guaranteed To Help You De-stress

Stress is something we all struggle with and often technology is blamed for the increase of stress levels. But phone applications can actually be helpful when you want to try and de-stress.

So if you’re finding that things are often getting too much or you want to be more calm why not give one of these smartphone apps a try. It helps that these apps can be used anywhere at anytime whenever you are in need of calming.

Headspace (Free)

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Headspace is a great app to use to de-stress. This app takes you through simple guided meditations. It only takes 10 minutes a day to complete one of the guided meditations. It can also be used whenever you have a spare 10 minutes if you need an immediate stress relief.

Travelear (Free)

This app has a great range of high quality relaxing sounds. It’s really helpful to listen to when you’re winding down for bed. The creators of the app travel around the world recording audio for the app which makes for some amazing high-quality listening.

Address stress (Free)

This app focuses on breathing and tracks your daily progress. It creates a 14 day program that can help improve your breathing during times of stress. It also has an interesting feature called the ‘pressure valve’, which you can use to let off steam. Not to mention it has a nice slick and simple design to it.

7 Cups of tea (Free)

This is both a website and a smartphone app. Through 7 Cups of tea you can connect anonymously with trained active listeners. Which is great if you need to vent or just want someone to listen. They also offer mindfulness exercises and is a good way to dip your feet into the world of counselling if you’re not quite ready to do it in person.

Moods: Tracking for better mental health (Free)

This app allows to log and track your moods for future use and analysis. By having all your moods recorded down it can help you understand why you feel certain ways and at what times. It can help you to find what causes of particular moods are so you can identify and change them.


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