Quick And Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Insipiration

It’s the eve of Halloween and if you have somewhere to be tomorrow night but no costume lined up, we’re here to help. Just because it’s a last minute Halloween costume doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing, so here’s some inspiration for quick and easy costumes.

1. Where’s Wally?

This is easy and cute it can also be used if you’re going solo or for couples or full family costumes. All you need is some glasses, a stripy shirt and a beanie and you’re good to go.

2. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

There were Harley Quinn’s EVERYWHERE last year – and for good reason. It’s a great looking costume which is also relatively easy to achieve. Get creative with some colourful eye shadow and eye liner, grab a bat, some pigtails and you’re almost there. For getting Harley Quinn’s signature blue and pink hair dye use a temporary dye so you don’t have to commit. If you head over to Farmers you can pick up L’Oreal Paris Colorista 1 day spray in their pink and blue shades as any easy way to get those signature locks.

3. Spiderwebs

If you’re a whizz with a makeup brush and don’t have time to find an outfit try out a spooky makeup look. Get a dark brown red or purple lip and draw on some spider web wings with eyeliner.

4. Devil

The Warehouse or any local dollar stores should have pairs of devil horns on sale. Then all you need is a red lip and red or black clothing.

5. Minnie Mouse

Minnie or Mickey mouse are great if you’re nearly out of time since all you need is a pair of ears. Add a red lip and draw on a black nose and you can wear pretty much whatever outfit you choose with this.