Rachel Bloom Reveals She Bought Her Own Emmys Dress After Designers Refused To Fit Her

Many actors and actresses are lent glamorous dresses from top designers to wear for award shows. The 2017 Emmys were no different. However, some actresses find it hard to find a dress for these big events if they don’t fit into a size zero.

Actress Rachel Bloom from the show “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” had this exact experience. When she was trying to find a dress for the Emmys. She ended up buying a Gucci gown as she claimed the designers refused to lend her one.

On the E! red carpet she explained, “I brought this dress because Gucci is not lending me a dress. I love it and I can re-sell it. Here’s the thing, I’m now at the place where I can afford it.”

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Rachel mentioned it can often be hard to find dresses for events as designers will refuse to lend her any due to her body size. The gorgeous black lace gown she ended up wearing retails at $3,500. If you’re a fan of the dress you could potentially own it! Rachel is planning to put it up for sale on The Real Real .

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has spoken out over the issue of being dressed for events when they don’t fit into the sample size. Leslie Jones, Danielle Brooks, Dascha Polanco and Melissa McCarthy have all spoken out in the past about designers who wouldn’t dress them.

Regardless, we love Rachel Bloom’s dress. We think it’s great to show that you don’t need to wear a crazy expensive dress to look good at an event.