Recipe: Butter Infused With All Natural Ingredients

When it comes to summer food we all love a good barbecue. Perfectly cooked steak, fresh prawns and locally caught fish with summer salads and perla potatoes. It’s a summer tradition, really! Award-winning chef Owen Sinclair has created a must-have for your next BBQ with Flavour Fiend Finishing Butter. It comes in four flavours to compliment whatever meat, or veggies, you are sizzling on the barbeque. Garlic & Sea Salt is a natural fit for steak, Chilli, Kaffir Lime & Coriander brings a spice of Thailand to your chicken or fish, Chipotle & Lime gives anything an extra kick and Toasted Indian Spice makes the fan-favourite chicken kebabs easy to create.


100g Flavour Fiend Garlic & Sea Salt

Finishing Butter

4 x 250g Quality Scotch Fillet steak

Sea salt

Fresh, coarse ground black pepper


Season both sides of steaks with salt and pepper. Pre-heat your BBQ or pan until very hot. On a BBQ use the chargrill, in a pan make sure oil is smoking. Cook on a high heat on both sides, then before it is cooked to the ‘doneness’ you desire, remove from heat. Place in a pan in a warm (not hot) area to rest for about 5 minutes. Top the steaks with a good knob of chilled Garlic and Sea Salt Finishing Butter, then return the pan to a medium hot oven/BBQ for a minute to warm and half melt the butter. Once the steaks are on the plate pour the juice from the pan evenly over the steaks. Shake the pan between pours to mix up the goodness in the pan.

Follow this technique and the results are worth it – we promise!

Serve with Perla potatoes, BBQ field mushrooms, fresh seasonal greens and a quality Pinot Noir.

All Flavour Fiend Finishing Butters are suitable for meat, chicken, vegetables, rice, noodles and pasta.

Available from Farro Fresh and Neat Meat.