New Research Shows How Long Most Couples Date Before Tying The Knot

The rules of engagement have changed over the past fifty years. While many of our parents were married and having children before they’d even reached their late 20’s nowadays many couples take it slow before making a long-term commitment. Some people have even been ditching rings and wedding ceremonies altogether. But do you know the average amount of time people are spending before tying the knot in 2017?

New research by the reveals that the average couple is dates for an average of 4.9 years before saying “I do”.

The research also showed couples spend an average of 3.5 years living together before marriage. With 89% of couples living together before marriage.

These figures show that on average, couples are spending a longer time dating each other before heading into marriage territory. This also leads into the statistics that show the average first-time bride is now 30.8 years old. The average groom is 32.7 years old. In the 1970’s the average age of bride and groom was eight years younger!

Research also showed UK’s divorce rates were at the lowest they have been in 50 years. So it seems that getting to know your partner better before  tying the knot can help in the long run.

And if that isn’t good enough news for you, Bridebook’s stats also showed that a huge 95% of research participants would recommend marriage to others. With another 85% saying it strengthened their relationship in some way.

If you have any friends nearing that 4.9 year mark maybe you should start considering what wedding gifts to buy them with our handy list of tips here.

We’ll toast to that!



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