There’s A Scientific Reason Behind Why You’re Always Late

Do you feel like you’re stuck in some kind of time warp that causes you to always be late? Are you always the last one to arrive at the office? Some of us are just late. Always late. And if you find that your family and friends are tired of your constantly late ways we have some news for you. It could be you’re just wired that way. Seriously.

There have been a surprising amount of studies surrounding why some people are always late. But it turns out some of us are just predisposed to being chronically late.

Being late comes down to two main factors: your perception of time is wrong resulting in bad time management skills, and not being able to gauge how long a task will take. These two factors lead to a life of constant lateness.

A 2016 study showed that some people were just better time estimators than others. They found that some people became overly engrossed in tasks that they stopped checking the time. So being able to accurately gauge the amount of time a task will take can be a big factor into general time management.

For the most part being perpetually late really isn’t that big of a deal. It even has a few positives. For one, you miss out on all the early morning traffic. You’ll also never have to experience being uncomfortably early to a social gathering.

However, there are some instances where time is of the essence. And where being late could cost you a job prospect. For example, not being on time to a job interview, or an important work meeting, can be disastrous.

The best way to combat your lateness problem is by acknowledging the fact that you and time are not best friends. And plan in advance, and I mean way in advance.

If you know time is your enemy, make sure to set your alarm for at least an hour earlier. And make sure you get enough hours of sleep the night before anything important.

One really good tip is to use the 40 percent rule. Which states that it usually takes 40 percent longer to get to your destination than you think it will. So do some maths, if you think you need half an hour, give yourself 45 minutes instead.

But next time somebody asks you why you’re late at least you can now say there’s a science behind it. Maybe just don’t say that to your boss.


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