The Most Sensational Sushi Places You Need To Visit In Auckland

Sushi is a particular lunchtime favourite of mine, and within Auckland city the there’s just so many places to choose from! So for the good of Aucklander’s everywhere, I took one for the team and scouted out the best sushi joints in Auckland.


Kushi is one of my all-time favourite places for lunch or dinner. Tucked away on Durham Street this is definitely a hidden gem. The restaurant is separated into two parts- for lunch and dinner. The lunch side is a great place to grab a quick sushi and is super affordable. The dinner side is amazing for a night-out and even has proper Japanese seating you can reserve if you want.

Bian sushi

Bian Sushi on Symonds Street is another good spot for lunch. Here they have a wide range of sushi and a great hot food range of donburi and udon. They also have a lot of sushi choices for vegetarians and vegans which is a plus.


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Yuzu in Newton is another good option for lunch or dinners. Here they have a good range of sushi- but the real standout is there chicken karaage. Which in my humble opinion, may just be the best karaage I’ve ever eaten.


Renkon has stores both on Queen Street and in Ponsonby and is super affordable as well as tasty. They do a great range of donburi and have options for vegetarians and vegans. They’re tofu donburi is especially good.


You may have heard of this one from our previous post– this sushi really is the prettiest you’ll find in Auckland. With stores in both the central city and Newmarket this is a cute little spot for lunch. They have a huge range of sushi and a lot of different rice options.

Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Bay in Takapuna is great for dinners. The restaurant has beautiful views and a great modern Japanese menu. The sushi here always tastes fresh and tasty. Definitely one to check out if you’re on the Shore.