What Your Partner Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

While it may seem like an over-used excuse to get out of buying expensive gifts for your significant other a new study has revealed all us Kiwis really want for Valentine’s Day is to spend some quality time with our loved ones (collective awwww).

A national survey by AMP Capital Shopping Centres gathered up the opinions on Valentine’s Day of more than 1,600 New Zealanders and the results were mainly pretty lovely. The survey found that 60 per cent of those surveyed were planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with most saying they celebrate the day because they genuinely enjoy it.

When it came to how you’d like to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year more than 50 per cent of people said their favourite way to celebrate the day was by spending some quality time with their partner.

What else the survey showed:

  • Valentine’s Day pressure falls on men. When asked if men or women typically care more about Valentine’s Day 96 per cent of people said women care more about the day and 84 per cent believed men were expected to make more of an effort than women.
  • Forgetting about Valentine’s Day is a big NO – 47 per cent of people said they’d be disappointed if their partner forgot about Valentine’s Day, even if they weren’t fussed about celebrating it.
  • 29 per cent of people believed everyone should do something for their partner regardless and the day of love should be embraced.
  • The optimum amount to spend on a gift is $50. Half of those who were surveyed said they spent around $50 on a gift last year and were planning on doing the same this year.
  • The most awkward part of Valentine’s Day for 40 per cent of participants would be seeing everyone receive flowers and gifts but not them.

For the most part our expectations of the day are quite clear – and relatively simple. One respondent summed it all up best by saying, “I don’t have any expectations of others, it is not a day about receiving or even really giving. Do nice things and be a supportive and caring friend/partner every day of the week, not just for Valentine’s Day”. Bless.


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