Spice up your life: The Amazing Ways Cinnamon Can Improve Your Health

Cinnamon has always been a favourite spice of mine. It tastes great whether it’s sprinkled on top of a pipping hot latte or mixed into an apple pie. Luckily enough this tasty spice also has some pretty good health benefits.

Here’s a few of the the benefits cinnamon has to offer:

Diabetes and cholestral

Many studies have shown that cinnamon can help with insulin sensitivity. It was shown that the cassia variety of cinnamon was more effective than just diet alone in lowering blood glucose levels. So sprinkling a small amount of this spice on your cereal each morning can help decrease glucose levels.

It’s an antioxidant

Cinnamaldehyde which gives this spice its sweet smell is an antioxidant that you can also find in red wine, berries and even chocolate. This means it can help protect the body on a cellular level from a range of different nasty things.

Helps wound healing

Ceylon cinnamon has been associated with all kinds of good things including the healing of wounds. It’s also being associated with cancer fighting properties and lowering blood pressure.

It can kill common bacteria

Cinnamon oil can kill a number of common bacteria including streptococcus and E. coli.

If you haven’t got this wonder spice in your pantry already hope on down to the supermarket and pick some up. It’s a great way to add some sweet flavour to your food with minimal calories and it may just improve your overall health too.



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