Stripped Down: States Of Undress Shows Us The Hidden Side Of Fashion

When television focuses on fashion we’re usually used to seeing runway models and avant-garde red carpet looks which is part of why VICELAND’s States of Undress is so refreshing. Model/actor/journalist Hailey Gates guides us through countries like Mexico, France and Romania to document the difference in fashion around the globe and the way in which local fashion shows us greater issues of gender, cultural identity, class and race.

The show is back for its second season and this time Gates travels a vast range of places – from Thailand to talk to transgender models about beauty pageant fashion to the urban tribes in Mexico. Each episode is thought-provoking and interesting and brings up complex issues that can be observed through our clothes.

Gates herself is a host with quite an impressive career from starring alongside Meryl Streep in Ricky and The Flash to modelling for fashion brand Miu Miu and working full time as a journalist for The Paris Review. Throughout the series she raises a lot of important questions and is genuinely just a delight to watch on screen.

Even if you’re not someone who is usually interested in the fashion world this show has enough other elements within it to make it a binge-worthy show for all. It’s interesting to see the world of fashion in this light and to think about the global impact fashion has on the world and what purpose fashion can play in our lives and just how embracing fashion could help to change our world in a positive way.


The second season of States of Undress will be available to watch on VICELAND channel 13 on SKY, as part of VICELAND’s Women’s Week. (5 – 12 March).


For more info you can check out the website.