The Strangely Addictive World Of Watching People Make Tiny Food

Okay, so the title of this piece may be a little bit confusing, but bear with me, because I’m about to show you a whole new world of weirdly satisfying videos of tiny food that are all over YouTube.

I’m not usually one for cooking videos, but for some reason when you have a massive hand creating things in a tiny little kitchen. With miniature knives and even a working tiny oven, for some reason I’m all about it.

Bistro Miniature is a YouTube channel which creates amazing meals from cakes, to dinners, to poached eggs all in miniature. But as it turns out this isn’t a once off channel, there are many more channels also creating tiny edible meals.

And for some reason watching these tiny food items being created is very relaxing. While also leaving me on the edge of my seat, will the food be properly cooked? Are they going to spill they tiny jug of milk?

The tiny stoves used to cook on are powered by a single tea light candle, and quails eggs are used in place of a hen’s for miniature baking.

Also the tiny knives are absolutely adorable!!!

It seems this trend began in Japan, where most of the channels creators are from. A while ago a Japanese snack called Popin Cookin became popular online.

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How to make tiny food. ミニチュア料理?

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Popin Cookin is a just add water candy where you can create tiny sweets that look like miniature sushi or other savory foods.

An air of mystery exists behind these videos as we never see the people who are making them. Most of the YouTube channels have no other social media they link to, and no mentions of names or selfies of themselves are in sight.

These videos aren’t portrayed in the way a cooking video normally would be. They are nearly always close to silent. No music, no talking, just the sounds of tiny food being created.

Whatever the reason behind the videos, and the questions of why so many people are watching. The videos are exceptionally calming.

So if you want to spend a few hours procrastinating on things you need to do. Put on a tiny food video. And enjoy the satisfaction of seeing perfectly created doll-sized meals.


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