Studies Say Being Lazy Is Actually A Sign Of Intelligence

Do you find yourself taking multiple naps a day? Or leaving dishes on the counter so long they start growing their own eco-system? Well here’s the good news – you may be lazy but you’re also smart!

A new study has been published this month that found people who prefer not to spend their time thinking are more likely to be physically active. While those who don’t like being physically active are more likely to spend time thinking.

The researchers tracked the physical activity of 60 University students for a week. They divided them into two groups – those with a high need for cognition and those with a low need.

For an entire week the students wore a Fit-Bit like device that measured their physical movements. When they compared the results they saw a HUGE difference during the week. However the difference became smaller on the weekends.

The study also found that people who like to use their brains aren’t necessarily smarter, but they’re more comfortable being alone with their own thoughts and think more deeply. One trail of thought is that the students who didn’t enjoy thinking too much would more actively search out ways to entertain themselves while the others would be happy to stay at home with their own thoughts.

So next time someone accuses you of being lazy, just remember, you’re not lazy you’re just intelligent! Although you probably should clean those dishes once in a while.