A Study Has Shown the Best Cities In The World To Spend A Weekend (Yes Auckland Made The List)

A new study has revealed a list of the top 100 best cities to spend a weekend, and turns out us New Zealander’s don’t have to travel all that far.

Our very own Auckland city came in at 29, while the London in the UK took out the number one spot. Berlin, Vienna and Zurich were also cities that ranked highly. The data was collected from the app WeekenGO and gave an overall score for each city.

The company gathered together some criteria such as – how easy it is to navigate, social locations and traveler safety. They looked at 1,000 cities and then narrowed the list down to the top 100, and if you want to have a remarkable weekend trip you may want to consider adding these places to your bucket list.

Here’s the top 10 best cities:

1. London, United Kingdom

2. Berlin, Germany

3. Vienna, Austria

4. Hamburg, Germany

5. Paris, France

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. New York City, USA

8. Munich, Germany

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. Madrid, Spain