Take A Look At The Viral Beauty Device Miranda Kerr Used For Her Wedding Day Makeup

It’s often called the “5-minute facial lift” and now NuFACE is taking the world by storm. This interesting device first gained major interest after Miranda Kerr showed it off in her wedding makeup video.

Now NuFACE will be launching in Mecca Cosmetica stores this October. For Miranda’s gorgeous wedding look- after spraying her face with balancing rose mist she pulled out the NuFACE Facial Toning device and began gliding it around her jaw, under her cheekbones and the outer corners of her eyes for a subtle lift.

Watching Miranda seamlessly glide this device over her face left many of use feeling intrigued and confused so what in the world actually is this device?


This is a company founded by women for women that focuses on changing the way we do skin care.

What does it do?

This unusual little device is the only multi-solution hand held device. It’s been clinically proven to improve facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction in as little as five minutes in a totally non-evasive way. It’s designed to be an anti-ageing tool and provide a lift to any part of your face when you want it. These also come in a range of different colours, and let’s be honest they look pretty cute.