Team Catwalk: The Kiwis Taking On A Marathon To Raise Money For Spinal Cord Injury Research

On November the 5th a group of 28 Kiwis will take part in the world’s largest and most popular marathon in the big apple, New York City. The group who call themselves Team Catwalk, championed by team leader Dave Pretorius, are taking part in the event to help raise money for spinal cord injury research.

“Running so others can walk”

The Catwalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust was set up in 2005  by Catriona Williams in a bid to help support spinal cord research and hopefully one day, lead to a cure. All the funds raised by Team Catwalk in the lead up to the New York City marathon go to this trust.

The Catwalk Trust first became involved in the New York marathon back in 2010. This is a tradition they hope to continue in the coming years. Since 2010 the team have over $1 million!

This year the team have raised an amazing $108,154.57, but they’re still aiming to raise more. The Spinal Cord Research Facility at Auckland University is funded by the Trust so the more funding they get the better. The members of Team Catwalk have all financed their trips to New York City from their own pockets.  All of the money  raised will go directly towards this research.

28 Kiwi athletes and 8 supporters will descend on New York for the November 5th event. Two of the runners are students at the Auckland of University – Connor Clemet and Laverne Robilliard.

If you want to help out with this cause you can donate to the team by following this link.