There’s New Claims About The Gender Pay Gap In Hollywood

With the 2018 Golden Globes Awards still at the forefront of everyone’s minds and the recent #Time’sUp movement it’s beginning to feel like there may be a real positive change coming for Hollywood. However, there’s yet another claim which shows how deep the cracks in Hollywood’s equality really are – and this one is pretty darn sizable.

It’s been claimed by Women and Hollywood’s Melissa Silverstein that actress Michelle Williams was paid just US$80 per day to re-shoot scenes for the upcoming movie All The Money In The World while her co-star Mark Wahlberg was taking home a whooping $200, 000 per day. Yikes.

The re-shoot of the movie occurred after the director Ridley Scott decided to replace disgraced actor Kevin Spacey’s character with actor Christopher Plummer. This resulted in the cast and crew having to re-shoot a number of scenes over 10 days.

It was first claimed that everyone involved in the movie came back and worked for free. However, it was later found out Wahlberg’s team had actually negotiated a hasty fee. Here is where things get a little bit problematic – Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg are both managed by the same agency. This raises the question of why did Wahlberg get paid such a hefty amount while Michelle didn’t.

All The Money In The World received three nominations at the 2018 Golden Globes Awards. Which was also an event used to highlight the Time’s Up Initiative. Part of the Time’s Up Initiatives mission advocates for gender parity.



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