Three Reasons Why You Need To Watch VICELAND’s Series Woman

If you’re in need of a new gripping and eye-opening show to watch look no further than VICELAND’s Woman.

The docu-series is hosted by feminist icon Gloria Steinem and puts forward often confronting issues that women around the world have to face. The eight episodes take us through countries such as Zambia, Vancouver and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

To celebrate international Women’s Day (March 8), VICELAND are launching their own International Women’s Week (5 – 12 March) on SKY where they’ll be broadcasting shows that empower women and bring to light issues we still face. Woman is one of the shows that will be airing during this time and it’s one that is important to watch for a variety of different reasons.

Here’s why Woman should be on your must-watch list:

  1. It focuses on issues that aren’t usually in the media

Each half hour episode focuses on a different issue in a different part of the world and part of what makes the show so gripping is that it takes issues we don’t hear much about and focuses on them in an in-depth way. For example – the episode in Canada focuses on the missing and murdered indigenous women, which while it may not make for happy viewing, is an intense and important episode.

  1. It shows just how strong and resilient women really are

I’m sure most of us already know that women are pretty darn badass – but it’s nice to be reminded of it when watching TV. The way women are often portrayed in television and film has been a big point of discussion for a number of years so it’s always refreshing, and empowering, to see the true strength women around the globe really have in the face of adversity.

  1. It has an important message to spread

The tagline for Woman is “Be a witness”. We’re being shown these issues of violence that women are facing even in places like the United States and encouraging us to try and make change. Knowledge is power and hopefully in being aware about these issues and the true realities of them we can make some positive changes for the future.


Woman will be available to watch on VICELAND channel 13 and On Demand on SKY as part of their International Women’s Week celebration. (5 – 12 March).

For more info check out the website.