Today Is International Day Of The Girl, So What Does That Actually Mean?

If you’ve been on Facebook today, you may have noticed a post on your news feed saying today is International day of the girl.  But what is that exactly? I have to be honest I wasn’t aware of this day before this year. And yes it is a separate event from International Women’s day.

What is International day of the girl?

In 2012 International day of the girl has been celebrated on October 11. The idea was started by UN Women as a way to recognise how hard it is to be a girl even in the present day. The day aims to celebrate the potential of girls in all different cultures around the world. It also high-lights the threats, discrimination and well-being issues girls still face.

If we look at girls in a worldwide sense there are still many issues facing them. A few of these are education, survival rates, discrimination, child marriage and sexual assault to name a few. The UN hopes that this day can help to empower girls worldwide.

The International day of the girl isn’t just about fundraising and awareness however, it’s also about collecting data. The theme for this year’s day is “girls progress=goals progress: A global girl data movement.”

How you can help?

On social media you can use the hashtag #Dayofthegirl to bring awareness to the day. If you want to see what is happening around the globe to celebrate this day check out the Day of the girl website. The website shows what events are happening around the world. Think of today as a time to lift up the girls in your own life and community, and remind the girls in your life that they’re talented, essential and worthy of respect.




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