The Comvita Product That’s Perfect For Sensitive Skin

The last few years spent working in hospitality wreaked absolute havoc on my skin. My hands were pretty much scaly, sore and cracked 24/7. Since then I’ve tried scores of products to try and get my skin back under control. The one thing I’ve noticed make a big difference is changing out soaps. Comvita, who are a brand well-known for their honey-based products have created just the thing to stop skin from getting irritated.

Having sensitive skin is annoying. Simple things like taking a shower can become difficult as body washes and soaps can be aggravators for our skin. For someone with sensitive skin, a gentle wash that can be used daily without discomfort is a blessing. Medihoney® Natural Soap-free Body Wash from Comvita® contains oat extract and antibacterial medical-grade manuka honey with natural plant-based cleansing agents to gently cleanse sensitive, dry and eczema-prone skin. The body wash is soap and fragrance-free and incredibly gentle, perfect for sensitive skin!

RRP $18.95. check out the Comvita website, also available from leading pharmacies and natural health stores.



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