How To Travel The World When You’re An Introvert

Travelling the world is a pretty big deal – and while it is something that most of us spend a lot of time dreaming about it can be a nerve-wracking decision to make for those of us who are more introverted. Hannah Martin who runs the travel and lifestyle blog Intrepid Introvert, knows that feeling well, as a self-described introvert  in 2014 Hannah decided to leave the accounting industry and focus full-time on starting her own online business and travel the world full-time.

We had a chat with the woman behind the blog to see if she could shed some light on travelling the world as an introvert as well as her top tips for travelling safely alone.

How did Intrepid Introvert begin?

“Intrepid Introvert began when I had just graduated from an accounting  degree, and I had a burning desire to see the world.  Before I started traveling, I struggled a lot with confidence and feeling like I would never be successful because of my introverted nature. To me it seemed that to be successful, I had to be assertive and outgoing and extroverted. But after traveling and finding real happiness in seeing the world, I was able to shed all of those perceptions. And I wanted to share my experience with others who were in the position I was. I wanted to empower other introverts in finding their confidence and their place in the world. And basically I just wanted to encourage others to pursue what makes them happy.”

What’s been your favourite place to visit?

“This is always such a tough question! However, I really did love Montenegro, Portugal, Canada, and Malaysia!”

Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you really want to visit?

“Oh yes so many places! The main one being Norway.”

What advice do you have to women who might be thinking of travelling alone?

“Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you! Do your research on places, and just have common sense. When traveling alone, you will meet so many other women on the same journey as you.”

Do you have any tips for fellow introverts going on their own OE?

“Yeah for sure! If you are an introvert and traveling with someone else, make sure you pick this person wisely. You need someone who respects your space haha! And if the idea of hostels make your skin crawl, but you have a low budget, pick hostels with private rooms.”

What’s the plan for 2018?

“In April I head to Australia for a month. Then in May I am off to Europe for their summer… Then possibly South East Asia for the
remainder of the year!”

You can keep up to date with the adventures of the Intrepid Introvert on her website, Instagram or Facebook page.