Your Unwanted Clothes Can Help H&M Create More Sustainable Fashion

H&M has recently launched their new mission ‘Close The Loop‘. A mission to create more sustainable fashion by recycling clothes and using these textiles to create new pieces. Their aim is to reduce the environmental impact the fashion industry has.

Most of our homes have clothes that we don’t need or want anymore. From our old favourite pair of blue jeans with the worn out knees, to the dress we only wear once. To the impulse buys in our closets collecting dust. Well, H&M wants them all. Regardless of their condition.

The idea was fist launched around the world in 2013. So far they have collected more than 32,000 tonnes worth of clothes. H&M have estimated that as much as 95% of clothes that we throw away could be recycled or re-purposed. When these could be used to create something new.

Now H&M are calling to New Zealand shoppers to bring in bags of old or unwanted clothes to their store in Sylvia Park shopping mall. From here the clothes will be sorted into three categories; re-wear (clothes that can be sold second hand), Reuse (clothing that can be turned into new products by using the textiles), and recycle (clothes textiles will be turned into textile fibers to be used for things such as home insulation).

And for every bag of clothes that you deliver to the Sylvia Park store you will receive a 15% discount on all clothes within the store. This creates a ‘closed loop’ for clothes and reduces the amount that ends up in landfill.

So if you have some old clothes around that you know you’re not going to wear again, before you chuck them out, bring them in to H&M. It’s a good chance to help the environment plus get a cheeky discount and pick some clothes to refill your wardrobe!


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