If You Want A Decent Night’s Sleep Studies Say You Should Avoid These Jobs

Researchers have looked into what jobs are the most consistently bad for your sleeping habits; and the results were a surprise. While we all feel overworked and over or under sleep some of the time it turns out some occupations can actually affect your health more than others.

A new study by  the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measured which occupations are most likely to get that recommended seven hours of rest. As well as the professions which are least likely to get you those recommended hours.

Telephone Operators get the least amount of sleep

Telephone operators and switchboard operators were the least likely group to get their recommended seven hours of shut eye. These two occupations were part of the “communications equipment operators” profession. A massive 58.2% of workers in these professions reported they get less than seven hours of shut eye per night.

Transportation Workers

Transportation workers came in with 54% of workers reporting less than seven hours of sleep per day. This includes truck drivers and and rail transportation workers.

Printing Workers

Producing magazines and newspapers in a printing press is another industry where workers are overtired. 51% of workers felt like they weren’t getting their seven hours of sleep a day.

But it’s not all bad news.. here are the jobs that are least likely to leave you yawning through the day.

Air Transportation

While road and rail transport jobs will leave you tired and overworked a job within aviation freight leaves most workers getting a good nights sleep.


Teachers as well as tutors are another profession who are enjoying a good nights sleep. With only 25% relaying that they weren’t getting enough.

University Lecturers

It seems like education is the industry to be in if you’re searching for a good sleep at night. Post-secondary teachers and professors also sit at a mere 25% of workers feeling as though they don’t get enough sleep.

Not getting a good nights rest is associated with a long list of possible health problems. In the shirt term it can leave you feeling irritable, anxious, and affect your ability to remember details or perform daily tasks. Over the long term it can put at risk of obesity, heart problems, anxiety and depression.

Hopefully the findings of this study will lead to more awareness about what industries need to work on ways of getting their employees a good amount of sleep.


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