Here are 8 reasons why you should add coconut oil to your daily beauty routine.

We’ve all heard about the amazing health benefits that coconut oil has in cooking, like improving digestion, energy and balancing blood sugar. This all natural ingredient has been raved about by celebrities, so have you ever thought about adding this to your daily beauty routine? If not, here are the reasons why you should.


1. This versatile magic in a bottle, can be used in many ways from helping to heal scars and hydrating any dry spots like your hands or legs.


2. Speaking about legs, you can use coconut oil to shave them too! Ditch the shaving cream or soap and use this as a balm that’ll leave your legs super shiny, smooth and moisturised.


3. Add some coconut oil when cleaning your makeup brushes. If you already have an antibacterial cleanser or soap for your brushes, adding coconut oil can leave them feeling super soft and conditioned.


4. Since we’re in winter and our skin is getting more dry, our lips are also suffering in these cold temperatures. Try using coconut oil as a lip treatment! Since it’s a perfect balm consistency, you can scoop some out from the jar and add it to a mini bottle. Perfect for using during the day and at night.


5. An under eye cream. Yup! If you suffer from dryness, fine lines, under eye bags or dark circles, try out a pea size of coconut oil every night. Be sure to carefully treat this area as the skin is very delicate and fine, so be gentle when applying.


6. If you’re at home already showered and realise you’ve run out of makeup remover wipes, grab some coconut oil from your pantry and use it to remove any excess makeup or to take your makeup off before cleansing your face. Use it straight from the jar and massage all over your face as an oil to remove makeup and then wash your face as usual.


7. Ever heard of oil pulling? Using a teaspoon of coconut oil to freshen your breath, whiten teeth and remove bacteria in a ‘rinsing’ motion for a few minutes, as you would use a mouthwash. Try out the skinny coconut pulling oil!


8. Want healthier hair? Use coconut oil as a conditioner treatment while washing your hair. Since it’s a solid at room temperature, to get it more runny, hold the end of the jar under hot water for a few minutes while you’re in the shower. This will loosen it up and then after shampooing, add some to your hair and leave it in for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse! Your hair will look super shiny, healthy and soft.