Coming down with a cold? Here are some amazing juices to help you combat the flu!

We’re in ‘that’ time of the year. A time that no one likes, not because it’s cold, but because everyone is starting to get sick. It’s a time where everyone visits the doctors more frequently and starts stocking up on painkillers for those unwanted headaches and runny noses.

We always hear about taking vitamins to boost and support our immunity, but why not try making some homemade juices that not only look good (most of the time) but are good for our bodies as well. We’re talking about those juices that everyone always raves about is “so good for you”, and come to think of it, helping to keep those nasty germs away doesn’t sound like a bad idea (Bonus: you’ll get some great pics for your Instagram too).

Here are some of the ingredients that you need to get familiar with and how they will help you by adding essential vitamins to your body. A, B6, C and E are some key vitamins that you’ll be feeding your body by using these following ingredients. Start off with fruits like: orange, apple, grapefruit, mango, strawberry and watermelon. Then add extra nutrients by combining them with some vegetables like: carrot, kale, celery, spinach and beet. Other extras, and these are totally optional, is to add ginger, turmeric, chia seeds, coconut or almond shavings and mint to top it off.

Now that you know the key ingredients, the fun and creativity begins. The combinations of juices are endless! Use your creativity to make them unique, according to your own taste buds and preferences. Make sure you have a handy blender at home and add water or coconut water for extra taste to your juices. (Tip: premake these juices in big jugs so it’ll last longer)

You can try out some of these combinations recommended by Erica Lokshin and Christal Yuen from healthline:

  1. Apple, carrot and orange (optional: add some ginger)
  2. Orange and grapefruit (optional: add coconut shavings)
  3. Spinach, mango, lime and celery (optional: add chia seeds)
  4. Watermelon and mint

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