Makeup hacks: Six concealer tricks you need to try for a flawless face

We’re always seeing beauty gurus raving about concealers. They’re a must have beauty item in your collection and here’s why. We know concealers cover spots but they can be used for so much more. Try out these handy tricks next time when applying your makeup:

Carving out your brows.

Okay, so eyebrows are a big deal right? To make them stand out, after you’ve filled them in try using a pencil or flat concealer brush and a skin toned concealer and basically outline your eyebrows and blend away. They’ll be looking sharp, flawless and defined.

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Fixing your eyeliner.

Every woman will tell you that the most stressful time in applying makeup is when it comes to eyeliner. Getting that perfect ‘flick’ or ‘cat wing’ isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’ve made the line too thick or you’ve messed up (bad time), grab any flat, thin brush and a skin colour concealer and go over the mistake (let it dry first and then rub it off). Draw under the line if you’ve made it too thick to thin out the eyeliner for a defined flick.

Using it as eyeshadow primer.

If you’ve run out of eyelid primer, try giving concealer a go. It’s the best to get rid of any discolouration,prevents eyeshadow fallout and to stop creasing. Put a pea size amount on your eyelids, use a clean finger or flat brush to blend it all over your eyelids. Set with a translucent powder before moving onto your eyeshadow.

A lighter shade for highlighting.

If you want to add more life to your face, try adding a lighter shade than your skintone to areas of your face like the cheekbones, a triangle shape under the eyes, center of your chin and between your eyebrows. Just make sure you blend it out well!  

Defining and giving shape your nose.

You can actually use a lighter shade and slightly darker shade of concealer for this one. Start down the middle of your nose and draw a straight line with the lighter shade, then with the darker shade draw lines down the side of your nose. Blend these and your nose will have some definition.

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Covering dark undereye circles.

This is probably the best thing concealer helps with. If you suffer from extremely dark undereye circles, using a peach coloured concealer first before your skin colour concealer will minimise the discolouration and darkness.

Here are some great concealers on the market right now:

  1. Maybelline fit me concealer
  2. Tarte shape tape concealer
  3. Bobbi brown full cover concealer
  4. Nars radiant creamy concealer