Moving from winter to spring: The Top 5 Spring Beauty Treatments you need to try out

Spring is just around the corner and like other seasons our skin changes and we constantly are needing to change our skincare routines.

Dr Cat from The Face Place, an award winning clinic in Auckland kindly shared some of her Top 5 spring beauty treatments and why we need to try some of these out this spring!

DermaFrac treatment

This is a micro channeling technology that simultaneously delivers customised serums using micro-needling technology. The DermaFrac roller used has superfine needles and a suction component that delivers high-grade active ingredients to the dermal layer of your skin.

The infusion device gives an effective and pain-free treatment without any anaesthetic, giving you the essential nutrients that create beautiful and glowing skin.


The ingredients stimulate collagen production and cellular renewal that will plump, firm and smooth your skin. It can be used on harder to treat areas such as the body of the lip and close to the eyes too.

Platelet-rich plasma

For glowing skin that improves skin smoothness and luminosity is one that is incredibly safe, as it’s using your own platelets. “A small blood sample is taken for the treatment, the red blood cells are separated from the platelets and plasma, and only the platelets and plasma are injected back into your skin” says Dr Cat.


Effective in one treatment, PRP naturally creates thickening of the skin and an improvement in skin texture. It is one of the best treatments available for improving fine crepey skin around the eyes, in the neck and chest, and in the hands.

The Vampire Breastlift

A combo of fillers and PRP is used to improve the contour and shape of your cleavage area. “This is an area where we noticeably lose more volume as we age, creating a ‘saggy’ appearance to the breast” says Dr Cat that is great for a bit of a lift and only takes around 20-30 minutes without needing any surgery.


Treating the cleavage area specifically rounds the ‘upper pole’ (the part of the

breast visible in bras and bikinis)


If you’ve noticed that your skin is dull or lifeless, this treatment improves the skin’s appearance by removing the top layers of dead skin through a fine planing procedure. This is a safe and painless way of exfoliating the skin’s dead cells in addition to removing the fine ‘peach-fuzz’ hair we have on our faces.


“Microdermaplaning softens, smooths, and improves irregularities, giving the skin a silky texture”.


Natural Peels are introducing high levels of nutrients to the skin with an element of exfoliation. They will increase the health of your skin through improved cellular activity and over time, skin thickness and hydration is increased, colour and texture improved.


If you suffer from dehydrated, rough in texture, congested or dull skin this gentle exfoliation removes rough, surface skin to leave your skin looking smooth and radiant. It is also very helpful to use if you have sun damaged, wrinkled, large pore size, oily or high laxity skin and have acne or problem skin.

If any of these treatments sound good to you, pop into The Face Place for a consultation with a skin therapist to determine what the best procedure for your skin will be!