In need of some fitness inspiration? Here are some of the must have gym essentials

Getting ready for summer is no joke. We’re all at the gym, exercising and eating healthy but sometimes we lose motivation along the way. Getting some new gym gear and changing up your current gym essentials, is a neat little trick to get your motivation levels up again! Here are some must have bits and pieces that you can add when you go for a workout:

1. Change your water bottle.

This might seem silly but if you have a few cute water bottles that you can change now and then, it’s something small that can make a little difference to your workout. Typo has some awesome water bottles!

2. Take a little gym bag with you.

You don’t need a lot, but a little bag makes a big difference. Put some deodorant, hair ties, a small towel and headphones in to be prepared for your workout.

3. New gym gear.

This one is good, especially if you’ve been wearing the same things over and over again. It gets boring and this is something that gets in the way of our motivation. Try buying some new leggings, a sports bra or if you’re feeling extra splurgy buy some new trainers. Stirling Women has some great gym gear that you can try out



4. An arm band for your phone.

It get’s annoying having to carry your phone around while listening to music, especially when you’re moving from one cardio machine to the other. Get an armband for your phone that will make exercising easier so you don’t have to worry about carrying or leaving your phone behind somewhere

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