Stuck on ideas for your wedding makeup? Here are some of Miranda Kerr’s makeup secrets

Your wedding day is coming up soon and you’re still stuck on how to have your makeup. Less is definitely more for this special occasion and showing your natural beauty is a must. Recently, Miranda Kerr had her very own special day and shared some of her tips for achieving healthy, glowing and natural wedding makeup. Miranda says “I wanted it to be very simple and timeless” and if that’s something you haven’t considered for your wedding or want to try out, here’s how you can use her tips to achieve the look!

On your wedding day start with skincare:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, nothing too harsh that could upset your skin and give you a tough time applying makeup
  2. Next, go in with a face mist. This will calm your skin and give it a chance to ‘settle down’ before you move onto the makeup. Also, if your wedding is in summer or on a hot day this step will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Try out some products from Miranda’s own beauty line called ‘KORA Organics’ for a fresh and youthful look
  3. Now go in with a face oil and gently massage this onto areas of your face that you want to be glowy
  4. Time for a moisturiser. Apply this all over your face and a bit extra on those drier areas

Now that your face is prepped and looking fresh, this will give you the perfect base to move onto your makeup:

  1. Use a lightweight foundation. You want your skin looking natural and not too heavy, try the ‘Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation’
  2. Your concealer should also be lightweight (but buildable if extra coverage is needed). Get one concealer that is the colour of your skin and another that is a bit brighter to highlight
  3. Next, use a blush that is bright and can give your cheeks a flush of pink. Miranda’s favourite blush is by La Prairie in the shade ‘rose glow’
  4. Now to set everything in place go in with a lightweight powder and use this in your T-ZONE (nose, side of nose, chin and forehead) to mattify the areas that can be more oily
  5. Choose any lip colour of your choice and set your eyebrows with something natural. You can try out any brow gel that is similar to your eyebrow colour
  6. The eyeshadow is very natural, use a light to medium brown all over and blend out
  7. Now use a volumizing mascara and you’re all set