Ten Signs to look out for that he might be proposing soon

If you’ve been in a long-term committed relationship and let’s get real ladies, we’re not getting any younger, tying the knot might be coming sooner than you think! So if he’s showing any of these signs, start hitting the gym and cutting down on those late night snacks to be extra prepared for your special day (we’re talking engagement pics, you can work out hard during the wedding prep time).

The signs can be subtle, so think carefully if he’s showing any of these and get that manicure:

He’s beginning to hint a lot about tying the knot. If he’s talking more about marriage and how amazing it would be with you, then keep an eye on it.

His future now includes you as well. If he’s talking about ‘future things’ like buying a house, starting a family, then he’s showing that marriage is on the cards and he’s serious about settling down.  

You’re not going out as much and spending money on silly things. He’s probably cutting back on splurging and saving instead. I mean, have you seen the prices on some engagement rings? He’s saving hard to buy you the nicest one!

Spending time with your family is beginning to become a regular thing. Every other weekend he’ll suggest to catch up with your family again because he’s showing interest in getting to know his future in-laws.

He’s also becoming closer with your dad. If they’re hanging out a lot or you catch him buying tickets to a game (and you’re not invited) then he’s building up the courage to ask your dad for your hand in marriage. Getting his approval is probably the most nerve wrecking thing, but if he’s making the effort then he’s serious.

When you’re out shopping, he motivates you to look in jewelry shops. He’s starting to get an idea of what your taste is, simple or very elegant? He needs to know ASAP especially if he needs to save money.

Your jewelry is attention grabbing to him (especially your rings). Suddenly he’s taking interest in your jewelry saying how nice it is and trying to get an idea of your ring size. Play along ladies, you want him to buy the right size too!

He’s not acting like himself. Now, here we start thinking he’s cheating but if the other signs are there, he’s probably just overthinking as much as we are and he’s all stressed out. Just act normal and carry on like nothing’s wrong.

He’s double checking your favorite things like flowers and asking a lot of questions. He’ll want to know what foods you’re into, what wine or champagne you prefer, what your favorite flowers are and so on. He’s probably preparing for the big day to ask you and wants everything to be perfect.

He’s planning on a weekend away or a quick vacation somewhere. This is probably a good sign to look out for since he’s going to want to make it memorable and taking you away is the perfect thing. Just play along and go with the flow, you might come back with a shiny new rock to show off.