NETFLIX special: Ten facts about To The Bone

“Don’t fade away” is only one of the messages this film is trying to communicate to viewers. To briefly summarize without giving any spoilers, To the Bone is a drama/comedy and fairly new to Netflix film starring Lily Collins that addresses the issue of eating disorders in young adolescents. Recently we’ve noticed that social issues have started to become more widespread, and one way this has been talked about is in films and TV shows like ‘13 Reasons Why’. Directors and actors are taking on the challenge of raising awareness when it comes to quite serious personal struggles that people face. This film in particular, is trying to encourage people to be more open about their eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. Lily herself, has opened up about her struggles with eating disorders as a young girl and wishes to open up a discussion about it. In an interview with the Variety Studio, Lily mentioned “we have to tell this story because  it’s something that is incredibly taboo with young men and women to talk about especially in today’s day and age where it’s more and more prevalent”.  For now, here are some facts about the film:

  1. Marti Noxon, director and screenplay writer of the film has also struggled with eating disorders which made her passionate about wanting to create To The Bone. She has produced other TV shows like Prison Break, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men and Glee
  2. In the film, Lily plays 20 year old Ellen, who is anorexic and has been through multiple recovery programs that have been unsuccessful for her
  3. To play the role effectively, Lily decided to lose some weight. “ There was never really a look that we were going for but I did lose a significant amount of pounds, but we had the luxury of hair and makeup to help as well along with special effects,” she said.  She had a schedule of foods to follow and was being guided by a nutritionist to make sure she didn’t lose too much weight.
  4. Ellen is sent to an unconventional doctor where she spends time in a group home shared with other young adolescents going through similar struggles
  5. Soon after finishing her autobiography (Unfiltered) she received the script of To The Bone and believes this role was a sign and meant to be a role for her
  6. The film originally appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2017 and Netflix decided to buy it for $8 million
  7. The film has received many critics for glamorising eating disorders, however Marti addressed these in a twitter statement saying “I know firsthand the struggle, isolation and shame a person feels when they are in the grips of this illness. In an effort to tell this story as responsibly as we could, we spoke with other survivors and worked with Project Heal throughout production in the hopes of being truthful in a way that wasn’t being negative”
  8. When they first met Marti and Lily noticed that they shared very similar tattoos of the initials ‘L & J’ on both of their left wrists. Lily’s stands for ‘Lily Jane’ and Marti’s is for her children ‘Lane and Jedd’
  9. In a scene that was hard for Lily to film, she had to stand in underwear and step on a scale where her stepmother in the film, Susan played by Carrie Preston, actually had to take a picture of Lily on her phone and show it to her. The picture made Lily feel shocked and terrified
  10. Lily found that the film was incredibly healing for her especially because she was surrounded by very talented and nurturing women