Do you have an upcoming job interview? Here are some tips for looking and feeling confident

Having a job interview and the idea of going to an unfamiliar place and talking to unfamiliar people could make some of us really nervous! Your goal is to get the job and first impressions are everything.

So to look and feel your best for this interview, here are some tips you could try out:

Buying a new outfit.

You don’t have to break the bank with this one but buying some new shoes, a handbag or a dress will already make you feel confident about walking into the interview

Getting some extra sleep the night before.

This is important, especially if you want to avoid looking tired and have the curse of dark undereye circles haunt you during the interview

Get a mani or pedi!

Having nice nails will make you feel and look confident and you can use this as an excuse to get them done

Wash and style your hair.

There’s nothing worse than having a job interview and everything looking fabulous except for your hair. If it’s a bit greasy, try using some dry shampoo on your roots (this is great for adding texture to your hair too)

If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, make sure your legs are shaved and moisturised!

Being in your interview and realising that you haven’t shaved your legs will bring your confidence way down

Wear a nice perfume.

Smelling good is 100% going to make you feel more confident and on top of that, no one wants to smell bad for their job interview

Organise yourself the night before.

This will save you some time in the morning so that you can avoid rushing to pack your handbag or trying to find your car keys

Do some research about the organisation you are applying to work for.

Having some knowledge about how things work will make you feel less stressed during the interview

Spend some extra time on your makeup.

Looking good is one way you can definitely feel confident during your job interview