Bath bombs and face masks: make winter a Lush life

As we’re slowly making the move into winter our skin noticeably become more dry, dull and basically sad. To be one step ahead of our winter worries Lush has come to the rescue with their amazing face masks and bath bombs. Not only are they hand-made, they’re vegan friendly and don’t test on animals at all. There couldn’t be any more reasons why we don’t love Lush and plus, their stores can be smelled from a mile away, that’s how good their products are.

Face masks are a must have all year round but they’re even more handy during the winter. No matter what fix-me-up your face needs, Lush is sure to have a face mask that you can add into your skin care routine. You’re guaranteed to have a fun time with these face masks, since they come in different colours, smells and textures. The good news is while it’s fun, they’re great for your skin too. Use your fingers to apply the mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will thank you.

Some of their bestsellers that you can try out:

  • “Brazened Honey” to detox and freshen up your face
  • “Don’t Look At Me” to exfoliate, brighten and even out your complexion
  • “Cosmetic Warrior” to help fight any spots with antibacterial tea tree

There’s no doubt that you won’t love their bath bombs. Lush is known for their heavenly bath bombs as people buy them as gifts and treats for themselves. Not only do they look amazing but they smell like perfection as well. In case you get the flu or you’ve had a very long and tiring day, they’re perfect to use at any time or right before you head off to bed. Fill your bathtub, grab a cup of tea and toss in your bath bomb until it fizzles and leaves the water looking beautiful, creamy and inviting. Your skin will love soaking in these beauties and leave you looking fresh and radiant. There’s no time limit for this one, just relax until your heart’s content. Try their bath bombs, luxury bath oils or bubble bars for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Take a trip into space, then come back down to earth with Intergalactic Bath Bomb. #thetruthisoutthere #bathgoals ? by @elahria

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Some of their bestsellers that you can try out:

  • “Intergalactic” for an out of this world experience
  • “Rose Bombshell” that will leave you smelling like roses
  • “Guardian Of The Forest” to escape into nature

We don’t have to give into the winter blues. Be sure to keep your skin feeling and looking it’s best, even when you might not. Have a Lush life this winter and don’t feel guilty when you treat your body to some fresh, handmade goodness.