Here Are 12 Super Cool European Baby Names That Are Expected To Blow Up

Leading up to motherhood, you’ll be changing a lot of aspects about your life – clean eating, no alcohol, no processed food, all for your baby to grow healthily inside of you. All the while, you’ll be mulling over what to call your future product of absolute perfection. It’s a nine-month search, rummaging through books and traipsing the internet for that one perfect name to encapsulate your child. Looking abroad to Europe for inspiration, these following picks may spark a light to find “the one”. Sacha Strebe from MyDomaine predicted the baby names about to blow up in America. They might, they might not, but the following names she chose are super cool.


Girl: Lilou

It’s rising in popularity in France and is ranked in the top 50 names given to baby girls. It means lily, and is short for Liliane, Liliana or Liliano.

Boy: Baptiste

Translating to “baptist” in French, it originally came from the Greek name “bapto” meaning “to dip”. Thanks to Karl Lagerfeld’s muse who is the face of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld, Baptiste Giabiconi is a legendary name (in fashion) to remember.

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Girl: Chiara

If you haven’t heard of Chiara Ferragni, then you’ve obviously been living under a rock. The no. 1 fashion blogger’s name means “light” in Italian.

Boy: Montel

An abbreviation of Montague and Montgomery, Montel is Italian for “mountain”. It’s a symbol of hope and strength.