4 Foods That Aren’t Good For Your Pearly Whites

Everyone should be mildly obsessed with their oral hygiene. These days, achieving the dazzling American smile is high on everyone’s beauty bucket list. Though it’s important to take action with hydrogen peroxide, it’s equally and if not more important to prevent your teeth getting to the point where you require bleaching.

Excessive and/or regular consumption of certain foods and beverages can do so some sizeable harm to your chompers. These 4 foods should be avoided or eaten every now and then as they create optimal breeding grounds for plaque build-up

  1. Potato Chips


I freaking love potatoes. However, when they’re in this delightful form that provides the stress-relieving “crunch”, crisps are made of starch and they tend to hide in between our teeth. The carbs that linger are an open invitation for bacterial growth.


2. Fizzy Drinks and Sports Drinks


It’s a no brainer that soft drinks and energy drinks are pure evil for your teeth. However, most people look over how much sugar is in sports drinks. The combo of sugar, carbonation and acids are the perfect trifecta to create plaque.


3. Dried/Pickled Fruit or Veges

Fruit Jar

The longer a sugary or acidic item stays in your mouth, the more damage it does. Even though it’s “natural”, it doesn’t mean they’re always good for you. The high sugar content combined with the stickiness of dried fruit means it clings to our teeth.


4. Citrus Fruits and Juices


Though they’re rich in Vitamin C, they’re also high in sugars and acids meaning those refreshing gems can erode our enamel.


Dr Tony Mutukumira, Senior Lecturer at Massey University gives us an expert tip:

“The key is to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flowing regularly. I would recommend using Grin 100% natural Kiwi made toothpaste after every meal or at least three times a day”