8 Ways To Keep Your White Sneakers Fresh And So Clean

White sneakers are taking over all the stylish people’s feet whether it be IRL or on IG. The only downside of wearing white sneaks day in and day out is that they’re a real pain to keep them looking fresh. Once I dribbled my mince pie onto my white chucks and a few weeks ago, I dropped brown plane food onto my Nike Air Max 90s. I just use my sneaker cleaner from Footlocker which does the trick but here are some tips by WhoWhatWear for other tips, tricks and hacks.

  1. Use white nailpolish to cover scratches
  2. Use a wipe, magic eraser or a rap dipped in vinegar to spot-clean stains and blemishes.
  3. No putting them into the washing machine.
  4. Use an old toothbrush with gentle soap for those hard-to-reach parts.
  5. Handwash your laces instead of the washing machine.
  6. Use shampoo on oil stains.
  7. Store your sneaks indoors away from UV light to avoid discoloration.
  8. Dilute bleach 1 to 5 to keep them white.

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