Ashley Benson’s Reveals How She Creates Her Signature Bombshell Waves

How long do you spend in the morning getting ready for work? 45 minutes? 1 hour?

Ashley Benson revealed 2 beauty hacks to SELF that are cheap as chips as well as cut down your getting-ready time in the morning! Saviour!

Firstly, Benson is known for her signature blonde bombshell waves and she doesn’t use any heating tools to achieve it. “My favorite trick is to wash my hair at night,” Benson told SELF. “I put it into braids to dry overnight and take them out in the morning. Sometimes I’ll run some nourishing oil through it, just to keep it smoother throughout the day.”

The second beauty hack is for her skin: “At night, I have started replacing my fancy moisture creams with pure coconut oil… I use it everywhere, and I wake up with really soft skin.” I totally get that. Oil is the bees knees for retaining moisture in both your skin and hair! An added bonus is that coconut oil is so cheap but works like a charm.



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